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Project overview

Betta Bucha is a startup that manufactures, distributes and markets fresh, locally-brewed kombucha.

The mobile app intends to connect consumers with venues that serve the company's kombucha. Operating out of Miami, FL, Betta Bucha is currently expanding to NYC and places the mobile app as one of its key marketing strategies.

The immediate project involved assessing the current v1 mobile product, and developing a redesign to fulfill the broader social and community objectives.


UX/UI Designer and Project Lead of 3


The project covered improving the designs for V2, under a strict 2 and half weeks timeline


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Connect kombucha drinkers with venues that carry their products nearby



Find locally-brewed kombucha and discover community of like-minded drinkers


Problem Statement

Avid kombucha drinkers want to find fresh, locally-brewed kombucha nearby, and look for opportunities to connect with their neighborhood wellness community.

How might we enable these drinkers to easily find kombucha that meets their standards, and create these opportunities?


To easily understand the user flow for the app, I drew a quick, engaging storyboard to effectively illustrate the process



Contextual inquiry


First, we wanted to achieve a clearer idea of the market behind kombucha and people who drink the beverage. Thus we decided to conduct a contextual inquiry; going directly to the source of what kind of people purchase and drink kombucha. 



Kombucha was served by tap and also distributed as mass market bottles, with people preferring the bottles for convenience and price.

We also saw the general demographic and atmosphere of people who frequent these establishments. It was an environment of health-conscious people with a certain degree of economic luxury, often frequenting yoga and group exercises.

Screener Survey


Next, we needed to find real people to talk to. Thus, we created a screener survey to find the closest people that would fit the criteria of being our primary users. We decided to concentrate heavily on people who drank kombucha frequently; 1-2 times a week to 1-2 times a month.

User interview findings


After finding our users through the screeners, we conducted 5 user interviewers and synthesized findings to look for common themes / patterns by utilizing Affinity Mapping. 



Drink kombucha for: probiotics, flavor/taste

Convenience and accessibility prioritized over local/ fresh brew even for avid drinkers, due to limited knowledge of benefits and availability of fresh brews nearby

Currently don't prioritize local/freshly-brewed. Source for opportunity


Existing app testing


To get a basic idea of how the current app was viewed by users, we selected 4 users to test the existing V1. They were instructed to walk through the app and tell us what they saw, what they thought the app did, and how they would use this app.



They needed more info about this company called Betta Bucha and its affiliates

4/4 testers wanted to see an Onboarding experience or a better landing page

Lightbulb icon was not intuitive for "Recipes."

Wanted information on the venue on the "Map" page